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Cura (Latin): attention, care; administration; task, responsibility; concern
Cura Revenue Cycle Management is a specialized provider of underpayment recovery services to healthcare providers.  Through the application of unique, proprietary technology solutions and deep industry expertise, we deliver incremental net revenue that is otherwise lost.
Cura is led by a veteran executive team with decades of experience creating multiple industry-leading products and services to solve complex revenue cycle challenges delivering collections in excess of $4 billion of reimbursement for over 1,000 hospitals. Our solutions leverage a proven software platform developed over 10 years that has been used to identify hundreds of millions in underpayments. By deploying this proprietary software, Cura is able to review all accounts from all payers regardless of size to identify potential underpayments resulting from payer errors or upstream billing and coding discrepancies. Our consultative approach leverages insights from the recovery process to identify root causes and recommendations for underpayment prevention strategies. Most important of all, Cura prides itself on exceptional results and client satisfaction.



Mark McVeety, CEO


Mark has dedicated his career to the healthcare information technology and services industries where he has focused on building and expanding innovative solutions to solve complex revenue cycle problems. In 2016, he co-founded Cura to address the unique underpayment challenges that healthcare providers face due to incorrect payer reimbursement.

Prior to joining Cura as CEO, Mark ran TransUnion Healthcare’s largest business unit, which focuses on revenue recovery solutions for healthcare providers and payers. The revenue recovery business was widely recognized for delivering industry-leading solutions to over 1,200 hospitals and thousands of physicians across the country, resulting in $3 billion of reimbursement recovered for clients. Mark joined TransUnion Healthcare in 2016 as part of the acquisition of Auditz, where he served as President and CEO. Mark joined Auditz during its start-up period in 2010, led the business through the development of next-generation revenue cycle solutions and scaled the client base nationally. Prior to joining Auditz, Mark was an investment banker and focused on the healthcare IT, outsourcing/services, hospital and physician industries. 


Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics from Colgate University.

Paul Havey, President

Paul has spent the majority of his career in the healthcare industry delivering revenue cycle solutions.  He co-founded Cura in 2016 to assist healthcare providers solve their underpayment challenges.  


Prior to founding Cura, he was a member of the leadership team of Chamberlin Edmonds, a Best in KLAS eligibility and enrollment services provider, which achieved 3x organic growth in a five-year period and ultimately was acquired by Emdeon (now Change Healthcare).  During his time with Chamberlin Edmonds, he held leadership roles in solution planning, operations management, technology product management and strategic partnership development.  Earlier in his career he was a consultant with Infosys Consulting and a member of the health care practice of KPMG.


Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey and an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Alex Miller, Senior Director of Underpayment Recovery Services

Alex has spent his entire career in healthcare and revenue cycle consulting.  He brings strong knowledge of commercial and government reimbursement models and is proficient in identifying opportunities to maximize the recovery of lost revenue.  He has extensive experience in identifying and resolving complex coding, billing and denials issues as well as contract interpretation and implementation discrepancies.


Prior to joining Cura, Alex was a Manager at Triage Consulting Group with overall responsibility for six large hospital systems.  During his time with Triage, he worked with a wide variety of clients across the country, and has established close working relationships with both payers and hospitals to identify and resolve revenue cycle errors.


Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University with a certificate in Markets and Management.

Sean Smith, Senior Director of Information Technology

Sean has spent the majority of his career focusing on software architecture and development building data rich solutions used in operations, decisioning and planning. He has over 20 years of technical experience across various industries and over 10 years of experience developing proprietary systems for healthcare and revenue cycle businesses.

Prior to joining Cura, Sean was a Senior Director at TransUnion Healthcare where he assisted in the integration of technical assets, methodologies and resources acquired from Auditz. He joined TransUnion Healthcare in 2016 as part of the acquisition of Auditz, where he was Vice President of IT.  Sean joined Auditz in 2012 and led the development of the next-generation revenue cycle platform that enabled a reduction in processing cadence from daily to hourly while also expanding the client base and service offerings.  Prior to Auditz, Sean was a Software Architect for CareMedic Systems where he was responsible for the design and implementation of numerous solutions that improved healthcare accounts receivables and brought eligibility results to the hospital registrar desk in real-time.  Earlier in his career he was a software architect and consultant where he implemented solutions to a myriad of business problems across many industries. 


Sean holds a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in Information Technology from University of Phoenix and served 6 years active duty in the United States Army.

Peter Beery, PhD, Senior Director of Product Innovation

Peter has an eclectic background with experience with numerous startups as well as time as a University Professor.


Prior to joining Cura, Dr. Beery was a VP / Principal at Transunion Healthcare which he joined in 2013 as part of the acquisition of eScan Data Systems, the premier eligibility discovery solution. Peter led EDI product development at eScan as their Chief R&D officer where his product innovations there and at TransUnion drove over $300 million per year in additional revenue for client hospitals.


A prolific author on LinkedIn, Peter has dedicated his most recent efforts to understanding and leveraging data correlations to enhance product performance and business insights in the healthcare financial industry. At Cura he leads product innovation including AI process improvements, data and process flow integrity enhancements.  


Peter holds a Doctorate degree in Elementary Particle Physics from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University. He holds half a dozen patents in the healthcare field.

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